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Victoria Alvarez


The happiest moment of the day for my baby is her bath, and since she was born we have been using these products. At first we used baby clouds for her daily bath because the cotton was softer than the sponge and resisted water very
well. We also use the baby oil for massages before bedtime every night, and we follow the wash and protect routine with Baby HB and Baby Shield. Her skin is really perfect at this point

Sally de Rogatis


I really like these products! My favorite is Baby shield, is the most nourishing cream I have ever used. My baby takes swimming lessons and it is a saver after the pool.

Isabella Vallenilla


Well, I made these, that means I love them! Five hearts! We invite you please to leave a review so other parents can find the best products!

Baby Clouds 40 Ct
  • Baby Clouds 40 Ct

    Dry disposable baby wipes, with a perfect large size and free of chemicals, they are the best when it comes to cleaning babies’ face and body.



      100% Unbleached cotton


      • Wet and dry convenience
      • Clean with your product of choice, avoiding chemicals
      • Protect sensitive skin
      • Fragrance-free
      • Soft enough for the face and body
      • Reusable case

      • Soft Feel 
      • Lint-Free
      • Untearable
      • Biodegradable

      Baby wipe: Taking care of a diaper mess was never easier. One towel covers a big area, cleaning very gentle but effectively. Apply a pump of baby booty and watch the magic!


      Dry wipe: Perfect to wipe babies' hands and face after eating, or gently wiping a runny nose.


      Make up removal: Mommies' can steal these! One towel will wipe out an entirely glammed face, use with your favorite products.



    How do we choose our ingredients?

    1. We banned the bad and controversial ingredients: Our list of bad guys includes ingredients banned in Europe, USA and complies with the specific safety criteria for the EWG.

    2. We used only hypoallergenic and useful natural ingredients. Everything in nature is fantastic, but not everything works great on babies’ skin. We chose only the best.

    3. We choose organic products whenever they are available. Many raw ingredients can come from organic sources.They are more expensive but it’s worth it. On skincare, this means less toxic and unwanted residues in our formulas, but the biggest impact is on our planet, what translates to your family’s overall health.


    Our key ingredients


    Hydrating and soothing


    Sunflower Oil:

    One of the most hypoallergenic oils in nature. Nourish the skin and reinforces the skin barrier.

    Ceramide NG:

    A natural component of the skin barrier. Replenishes and reinforces this protective layer.

    Chamomile Extract:

    Anti-inflammatory properties, special for sensitive skin.

    Olive Oil:

    Antioxidant, protects skin

    from damage.

    Avocado Oil:

    It's many Bioactive molecules repair the skin.

    Shea Butter:

    Inflammatory, emollient and humectant properties.

    Sweet Almond Oil:

    Full of antioxidants.

    Reliefs itchy skin.

    Colloidal Oatmeal:

    Soothes sensitive skin.

    Cucumber Extract:

    Refreshing and hydrating.

    Not our friends:

    - Talc: Possible Carcinogenic.

    - Fragrances: Many undisclosed ingredients. Irritate the skin and babies’ sensitive noses.

    - Petroleum derivates: Bad for the environment and for your skin.

    - SLS: Harsh cleanser.

    - Parabens: Controversial Ingredient. Possible hormonal disruption.

    - Phenoxyethanol: Controversial Ingredient. Possible irritant, carcinogenic and reproductive disruptor.

    Why we banned petroleum derivate Ingredients?

    Real baby skin needs real ingredients, period.

    Petroleum derivate ingredients like silicones or plasticizers are often added to cosmetics to improve their touch and feel. However, even if they feel great on the skin, due to their origin they cannot penetrate it and nourish or

    moisturize it.

    The same occurs with mineral oil or Vaseline, the fact that they don’t really interact with the skin is the reason why they are used in dermatologic products. However, we think that skincare should do so much more than sitting on top of the skin.

    When you use natural ingredients exclusively, you can actually improve the skin condition, and that’s the immediate difference people notice when using our products.

    What does... mean?

    Natural: It refers broadly to ingredients with a vegetable or animal origin.

    Natural-derived: Ingredients with vegetable or animal origin that underwent modifications to enhance their chemical properties.

    Organic: Ingredients from natural sources that were grown with specific limitations to avoid the use of toxics in the form of pesticides or fertilizers.

    Cruelty-free: None of the ingredients or specific products were tested on animals.

    I’m not vegan…should I care for  vegan ingredients?

    Skincare and nutrition are entirely different things. We believe that there is no need to harm animals in any way

    to obtain great skincare.

    Cruelty means many things. Besides prohibiting animal testing, we also make sure to avoid any kind of animal - origin ingredient. What kind of animal ingredients can we find in natural skincare? Well beeswax is one of them.

    Vegan or not, we all love animals and we treat them with respect.