Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Baby liniment, originally called oleo calcareous liniment is a mixture of Oil (traditionally olive oil) and limestone water. In this mixture, limestone water works as a weak base (a little chemistry) and produces a similar reaction like what happens when we make soap.

Liniment has a yellowish oily appearance, usually fragrance-free, but can have some other components added to it as glycerin or Aloe vera extract to increase its benefits. When made completely natural, liniment tends to separate into oily components that can be mixed back together before using with a gentle shake. Even when it has a basic pH this is useful when it comes to preventing diaper rash as urine and sometimes feces (especially loosen stools) are highly acidic and this helps to keep the skin in balance.

What makes it perfect for diaper changes is its cleaning and protective ability. The liniment is capable to remove feces from the skin quickly and leaves a protective oily film that will repel humidity. It's usually applied with cotton squares but is perfectly compatible with cleaning cloth and cloth diapers. Liniment can also be made with exclusively natural products what makes it a safer alternative to baby wipes or depending on your preferences using it after wiping to protect the diaper area and prevent diaper rash as a lotion.

Ok, we get it, it's great! But where do I find it? There are a few alternatives in the American market, we propose a Vegan, completely toxin free one. It's called Baby Booty and it's enriched with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, it's especially effective and proudly made in the USA!

Do you want to know more about baby's skincare? Check out this article on cleaning your baby's skin.

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