Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Awesome! Your baby will be so grateful to you for making the best decision ever. Let’s get started! In this article that is divided into two sections for your own satisfaction, we will be guiding you through creating your single-sized stash. In the next part, we will take you on a more in-depth guide on cloth diapering a newborn.

Types of cloth diapers

To begin with, one essential thing you must put in your mind is that there are different types of cloth diapers you can choose to use for your baby. Here is an overview of the three most popular kinds:

All in one

Similar to disposable diapers, you have to wrap them around the baby and snap the ends or strap on the Velcro. This type of diaper is super easy to use and is an excellent option for caregivers. The downside of All in One diapers is that they take ages to dry. This is because they consist of several layers of fabric stacked together. Generally, All in one diapers are the most expensive type. 


From the name, you could guess that flats are single large rectangles or squares. Do you remember those old-school cloth diapers you probably used way back then? A flat is folded around the baby, and you have to hold it with Snappies, pins or Boingo clips. Then to make it waterproof, you have to put a cover over it. Flats are easy to clean, versatile, and easy to personalize to meet yours and your baby’s needs as well.


A pocket diaper is made of a water-resistant cover which has a polyester lining and an absorbent lining which acts as a pocket between the lining and the sheet. The cover is made out of a water-resistant material on the outside and a stay dry material on the inside. The pouch is stuffed with the absorbent pads that can be made of a wide variety of materials.  

We recommend you to try at least two types of diapers before getting a complete supply. Pick the one that fits your needs and preferences, or maybe you can build a set including more than just one kind of cloth diapers. You may find a pocket diaper more useful in certain situations and a flat diaper better in others. If one is good, two is better.

Laundry chart

One more essential point to consider is how many diapers you will need. This will depend on your baby’s age and how often you want to do laundry. This chart can help you understand this concept:


Diapers      Laundry frequency

12-15        Every day

24-36        Every other day

3 months and older

Diapers      Laundry frequency

10-12        Every day

20-30        Every other day

Now that you’ve seen how it works, you can start your trial period and get used to cloth diapering. I can assure that you, like all other excellent parents, will never want to go back. Is your baby a newborn? Here you will find some tips about cloth diapering newborns.

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