Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Giving birth is magic, but labor pain is more like voodoo! We understand that compared to any other pain we endure in our lifetime, contractions related pain is by far the strongest but also the one with the biggest reward. That's why even if it scares us, we bravely face it.

Non-pharmacological pain management tools are useful in any situation. On one hand, many benefits come from a natural birth without the use of pain medication and in this case, they become vital. On the other hand, if you decide to get an epidural, you must know that you can only get one once you have reached a certain dilation, meaning that until that point you could also benefit from other helpful techniques.

Meditation is a fantastic method to learn to control your mind and body and that is incredibly helpful to deal with pain. We prepared a video, that will teach you how to isolate the pain to experience it less intensely, you should practice it during pregnancy until you master it. And guess what? Once you learn you will use it during labor but you can also apply it in any other scenarios. Are you ready? Let's begin...

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