Updated: Dec 2, 2019

We see them everywhere, silent babies latching on to a piece of plastic. It’s so prevalent that most parents don't think it's possible to raise their baby without ever using a pacifier, but it is possible and sincerely better than using one.

Why are pacifiers used?

Pacifiers as the name implies, are designed to keep babies calm and are very useful to ease a baby that doesn't seem to be able to calm itself down. But most babies learn to calm themselves better when reliance on a pacifier is avoided. For sure, it may take a little more time, and possibly imply to keep the baby near you a lot more, but its benefits quickly exceed this inconvenient.

Why should you pass on pacifiers?

Pacifiers can carry a lot of germs and need special handling. After they are introduced, it may be challenging to alienate your baby from the clinging habit. The use of a pacifier for a prolonged period of time can cause interferences with you baby’s dentition and facial development. Another problem is that for some babies the use of a pacifier can interfere with successful breastfeeding, as the pacifier's tip is different from the nipple and some babies are very susceptible to these differences.

I'm sorry, but I still need a pacifier...

If anyhow you think a pacifier is a must-have for you, we recommend that you choose a one-piece silicone pacifier, dishwasher safe. Once gotten, never use it as a first line action, hold your baby when he cries, offer him food, change his clothing, and sing and rock him for a while. A swaddle could also be useful during the first few weeks until he learns to feel safe on his own.

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