Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Dear smart mom, now you use cloth diapers for your baby, what about wipes? Taking care of your baby’s skin is an important aspect of good motherhood, and that’s what you’re doing by choosing cloth diapers.

With that in mind, it’s equally important to think about the other accessories you use on baby´s little buns. You must make sure that all the accessories you will use on your baby are gentle on their skin. Therefore, now that you have already begun to use cloth diapers, it is logic and wise to start using cloth wipes too.

Why Natural Mothers Choose Cloth Wipes?

One of the joys of being a mother is that feeling you have while holding your cute little baby in your arms for the first time. I’m sure you hear yourself promising in smiles that you must offer that little cuteness the best you can. Hence baby stuff came along and you automatically went for what you thought was best—the ones hyped by TV commercials, or recommended by friends.

However, it is alarming that most of the commercial baby wipes in the market contain chemicals and artificial fragrances which will irritate your baby’s skin at any rate. Mothers who understand their role know that cloth wipes are the best accessories to complement the perfect care of that beautiful and sensitive skin.

How can you optimize baby´s cleanness using both cloth diapers and wipes?

To keep your baby clean and fresh, it is important that you change their diaper as regularly as you would do it when using disposable ones, i.e. every two or three hours in most cases.

More so, an excellent complement when using cloth wipes, are the diapering lotions created exclusively for a baby’s gentle skin. We recommend the baby Liniment, a cleaning solution which is 100% cloth diaper compatible. You should use this cleaning solution to wet your cloth wipes. Then you use the wipes to clean your baby’s skin each time you change a diaper.

A Baby Liniment like Baby Booty is suitable because it does more than just cleaning your baby’s bottom, but also hydrates their skin. Liniment offers the best care for delicate skin and prevents annoying diaper rashes. It leaves a protective film on your baby’s skin and so it’s a viable diaper cream. Besides, you can be certain you are using a product that is gentle with your baby’s sensitive skin, since it is olive oil based, without fragrances nor toxic substances.

This article has helped you realize that using cloth wipes along with the right cleaning solution is the perfect complement for cloth diapering and the best way to take care of your favorite little one´s soft skin. This way you can focus on the most crucial part of motherhood: enjoying each other’s company.

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