Updated: Dec 2, 2019

When diapering a newborn, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Do I have to invest in this particular set of diapers for my baby? Is it worth it? There’s no way to know for sure how long your baby will use a diaper size since an infant diaper will fit a baby up to about 14-16 pounds.

Best Cloth Diapers for newborns

Let’s look at two of the types of cloth diapers you can use with a newborn, and some alternatives to get your set together.

All In One

 Whether you have a toddler or a newborn, All In Ones may be the easiest type of cloth diapers to use. They are super easy to put on and wash. Plus you can choose the ones with the snaps or Velcro. Both have the ability to protect your baby’s umbilical stomp correctly. There are many brands offering All In One diapers in newborn size.


The other and more generally acceptable cloth diapers for newborns are Flats. Because they are easy to adjust to any baby’s size, mothers love using Flats. You may find them useful when used along with covers to make them waterproof. The best thing about Flats is that you will not need bunches of covers as one can be used a few times before you wash it, and you can still use flats when the baby grows up.

How To Get Your Baby Diaper Set

These are some ideas that will help you get in the groove as early as possible.

Include it in your baby shower registry

Let your relatives and friends know you have decided to use cloth diapers on your baby. A great idea is to set up a kind of personalized piggy bank for the event, it’s going to be a little (or big) fundraiser to buy your initial set. You can put a sweet note on it that would entice your guests. Something like “Would you help us build our little one´s first fluffy butt stash?


Many programs offer to lease packages of cloth diapers. Many mothers find this option more affordable than buying cloth diapers or even disposables diapers. Furthermore, they give you the opportunity to test the cloth diapers on your baby to be sure that it will work for you. This ensures safety in buying your baby’s nappies.

Buying brand new cloth diapers

If you do not feel comfortable renting cloth diapers for your baby, then buy your newborn baby a brand new set. And when the diapers don’t fit your baby anymore, you can sell them on and get your money back! (at least some of it) Surely, many parents will willingly buy a used newborn cloth diaper stash from you. This is how smart and caring parents circle investments and buy a new set of diapers your baby will start using.

Hey smart mom, welcome aboard this beautiful fluffy adventure! Your baby will surely thank you when she grows, I promise.

Do you know enough about diapers now? Let's talk about cloth wipes then!

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