Updated: Dec 2, 2019

We all have heard statements like “Human milk is the best nourishment for babies during the first 6 months of life” and “Breastfeeding is the perfect moment to bond with your baby”, but those quotes are very hard to remember at 2 am when your nipples are sore (hey, that is not the norm by the way), so these are 10 more reasons you can think of when you feel you are about to quit!

1.    Baby bottles and formula can be full of germs

Cleaning your breasts is simple, just some non-scented soap and water, and you are perfect. But bottles have to be very carefully washed, so they don't develop bacteria. Also, preparing baby's formula is not too practical when you are not home.

2.    No need to go to the kitchen half asleep in the middle of the night

Middle of the night feeding session? No problem, you are ready to feed your baby right on your bed. You won’t need to be afraid of stepping on lego on your way. Just feed him on the bed and be done.

3.    You don't need to warm water every time

It's not necessary, but often people like to warm water to use feeding bottles. Your breast milk is always at the perfect temperature so you would never bother about the temperature.

4.    Your baby is your Plastic surgeon

Imagine all of your fat magically disappear. It's that simple. Just don’t keep your breastmilk to yourself, share it with your baby too!

5.    Bigger boobs forever

Best looking boobs of your lifetime, you better make it last.

6.    You get to scandalize people

Just for fun, do some proud public breastfeeding and see who still gets offended.

7.    Your breasts won't deform your baby's mouth

Baby bottle nipples manufacturers are doing their best at trying to mimic your nipple, but they are not perfect yet. Your nipple has the best shape that allows a baby to suck the way it's needed to develop its mouth, palate and lower face.

8. Breastmilk’s free

No price competition, it's free. Breastfeeding is not cheaper, it's free, totally free. What’s more? You have the monopoly.

9.    You didn't get all those colds in vain

Human milk contains immune factor called immunoglobulins that passes your defenses to your baby, sharing your strength!

10.    Your baby will grow up and go to college

Look at her... she is so tiny! With her small hands and small eyes, you could look at her all day long... Wait, what? Is it done already? You did it; you survived another feed!

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