Formulated by

a mommy pediatrician with lots of love

As a Pediatrician, I’m passionate about teaching parents to be real experts on keeping their babies healthy and my dream is to ensure that all newly born babies are “Natural from Day One”. To achieve this, I realized that baby care should definitely support this philosophy and that’s how this idea was conceived.




What motivates us?

  • Miami's fantastic weather.

  • The mission of making natural products, tender to your baby’s skin (even the sensitive and rashy kind). 

  • We believe that making high tolerance products from natural raw materials apart from petroleum is possible.

  • The honesty of not including pretty looking and unnecessary extracts in our products and keeping them as minimalist as possible.

  • The responsibility of preserving our environment and the compromise of becoming more eco-friendly every day, because this is the world our children will live in.

  • We are conscious of not including harmful components in any of our products.

  • The Goal of making cool products… for cool babies like yours!

​What will you find in our products…

The best, well-thought, proven, and naturally derived ingredients; and guess what? We even choose organic ingredients whenever we have an option!

​What you won’t find in our products…

Artificial fragrances.

In essence, any kind of fragrances in our newborn adapted products, babies smell great on their own (as long as they are wearing a clean diaper, of course!).


Controversial ingredients.

Phthalates, phenoxyethanol or any controversial ingredient as you could judge by their names.

Irritating and itchy ingredients.

Unfortunately, if you were planning on having your baby covered in rashes and scales for next Halloween then you have got the wrong products; We would prefer you to get your baby a cute, harmless costume like our little dragoness in the picture!


You might find small pieces of dreams for a better world in every bottle.

(I'm sorry, I unintentionally spilled them all over and I’m sure our products are full of them) 

Our company is all about making products for smart and cool babies and parents by day, and wishing for the world we dream for our children upon shooting stars by night.