Newborn skincare

The perfect baby shower gift!

Baby Booty

Super Oleo Cream

$11.95     8 Oz

This Super Oleo Cream sanitizes and creates a barrier that protects your baby’s booty from wetness and irritants, making for a great diaper routine.


Our ingredients

We are born clean, let’s keep it that way

We are committed to using the best ingredients in nature to create our products. Non-toxic, natural and organic are a must for us. Vegan-friendly formulas are a great plus. Click to learn more about our selection process.





Dermatology Tested




Get to Know Us

Formulated by a mommy Pediatrician with lots of love


New natural expert!

My name is Isabella Vallenilla, I’m a Pediatrician, a natural living enthusiast, and the founder of One Natural Experts.

Natural from day ONE

Doing things right from the very first day

We believe that the dream of living more natural in modern times is achievable. So, we encourage natural living for the following reasons; to find the balance between nature and science, to respect the environment and all living forms, all while being comfortable and happy.


Meeting babies' expectations

Why your expectations and your baby’s should be the same?

We know that babies are tender, they want to feel nurtured, safe, loved, and they also have special and unique needs. That's why we kept babies' expectations as the highest of our priorities throughout every step of the creation of our products.


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